President Enrique Peña Nieto explained the course that has been charted from now until the end of his administration:

“Preserve our strength and our condition, our macroeconomic bases. It is our main priority to maintain this condition.” And, “Ensure the proper, efficient implementation of structural reforms, including Energy Reform.”

Structural reforms

Energy Reform: “Breaks the mold Mexico had for the past 50 years; this sector, the exploitation of our resources in the subsoil, hydrocarbons, has been opened up, like the electricity sector, to foster competition, which will benefit users, for the benefit of society, so that these inputs can be purchased in better conditions and at lower prices by families, trade and industry.”

Telecommunications: “Opens up the sector to more competition to provide mobile and fixed telephony as well as Internet services, and thus increase our competitiveness.”

Financial Reform, “Underpins a need we had as a country. Although we had a  robust financial system, credit levels in our country were undoubtedly far below those of other economies. And today the level of credit in Mexico is growing.”

10 Highlights of Mexico Today

1. Mexico is a country with great institutional stability. “For 80 years, our country has enjoyed political stability. Every six years since then, we have had a new president, in a climate of political stability.”

2. With the participation of the main political forces of my country, we managed to set an agenda for change and transformation, which had been postponed for many years.

3. In 2015, Mexico broke the record for the number of jobs created, more than 1,800,000 jobs, the highest number of jobs ever created.

4. Today it has a low unemployment rate, “If we contrast it with other countries, less than five percent. We managed to achieve the lowest inflation ever recorded in the history of our country since inflation began to be measured 45 years ago: 2.13 percent, which are indicators that show the strength of our country.”

5. Domestic consumption, the domestic market is moving.

6. Mexico is a country with a privileged geographical position: “We are part of Latin America, but we are also part of North America, we are a bridge between these two regions. We are proudly Latin American, but also definitely integrated with North America.

7. Our largest trading partner is the United States. We have trade with North America for over $520 billion USD, and that figure is growing.”

8. ”We have gone from having a credit level of about 25 percent of GDP to approximately 32 percent  today and the credit level also is growing at higher rates than the economy, in the order of 3.5 percent.”

9. Towards the end of this administration, in 2018, we will be able to, “Reach the goal we set of achieving credit levels of approximately 40 percent.”

10. “This is the protection Mexico has: its structural reforms, which make it more solid and better prepared, which allow us to better address this turbulent global scenario.