President Enrique Peña Nieto led the ceremony for Presidential General Staff Day, highlighting their work during the recent visit to Mexico by Pope Francis.

“Loyalty, honesty and professionalism are hallmarks of the Presidential General Staff,  an institution dedicated to safeguarding the president’s integrity and investiture.

The Presidential General Staff protects Cabinet members and provides security and logistical support for foreign dignitaries during their stay in the country.

During the recent visit by His Holiness Pope Francis, the Presidential General Staff took the necessary measures to protect him.

Presidential General Staff Actions

- It guaranteed the physical integrity of the Pope and the safety of more than 10,300,000 Mexicans who went to see him in person during each of his 50 activities and on his tours. 

- During the days before the Pope's arrival, from the first moment of his arrival until his return to Rome, the Presidential General Staff coordinated a wide-ranging inter-institutional operation  so that the many expressions of joy could be conducted in a smooth, organized fashion.

- In this delicate task, every  member of the Presidential General Staff demonstrated responsibility, experience and professionalism. 

- Over 800 elements were directly involved in the security and logistics operations.

- Elements of the Mexican Army and Navy, the Federal Police and the CISEN and of various levels of the Health and Civil Protection Departments, coordinated and worked with professionalism during Pope Francis’ visit. 

- The government also recognized the work of over 200,000 volunteers, especially the Mexican Red Cross, who took part in this great collective effort.

- This visit provided Mexicans with a better understanding of the functions and logistical capabilities of the Presidential General Staff.

The president reiterated his appreciation and thanks for their commitment and loyalty to the troops that make up the Presidential General Staff, drawn from the ranks of the Army, Navy, Air Force, the Federal Police and the civil service.