President Enrique Peña Nieto received the Hon. Mr. Juan Orlando Hernández, President of Honduras, on his first official visit to Mexico.

I have had the opportunity to converse extensively with the president, in order to work together and find different mechanisms of cooperation to promote greater integration and closer ties between our societies and our entrepreneurs, and above all, to continue promoting the development of our societies.”

Mexico and Honduras established diplomatic relations in 1879. On March 24, 1908, the two countries signed a Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation, which would formalize bilateral relations. Mexico is the Latin American country that invests most in Honduras. It is its second largest trading partner in Latin America and its fourth largest globally. 

In April 2014, the president paid an official visit to Honduras, the first by a President of Mexico in the past 10 years. On that occasion, the Declaration of Comayagua was signed, which has made it possible to strengthen political dialogue and promote trade and investment; as well as tourism and culture between the two countries. 

Agreements reached

·        The Declaration of Mexico opens up new avenues of bilateral cooperation on issues as important as: migration, environment and gender equality. 

·        The Convention on Copyright and Related Rights was signed, which will make it possible to exchange knowledge, experiences and best practices in the area. 

·        It was decided to strengthen cooperation in tourism, especially in the areas of luxury, sports, adventure and nature tourism. 

·        Honduras is promoting the ratification of agreements with Mexico on customs, trade and natural gas transport.     

"On the path to improving the quality of life of our societies, I am sure that Mexico and Honduras will continue moving forward together, as we have done with other challenges, with the strength of unity, cooperation and generosity.”