President Enrique Peña Nieto paid a state visit to Colombia.

This has been a great opportunity for the two countries to strengthen the broad, diverse relationship they already share.

 "Currently, there is virtually no area or sector where Colombians and Mexicans are not cooperating and exchanging information, experiences and best practices”: EPN

President Enrique Peña Nieto and his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos Calderón witnessed the signing of nine cooperation agreements, which reinforced the legal framework for issues such as regulatory improvements, consumer protection, culture, archeology, environment and sport.

The start of negotiations for a Bilateral Agreement on Mutual Administrative Assistance and Information Exchange in Customs Matters and a Memorandum of Understanding on Police Cooperation was announced.

The documents signed between the two countries are given below:

1. Memorandum of Understanding between Bancomext and BANCOLDEX, to promote the flow of bilateral trade and investment.

2. Memorandum of Understanding between PROFECO and the Colombian Superintendency of Industry and Commerce regarding Consumer Protection Policy.

3. Cooperation Agreement in the field of Physical Culture and Sport, between CONADE and the Colombian Administrative Department of Sport, Recreation, Physical Activity and Leisure Management.

4. Memorandum of Understanding between SEDATU and the Colombian National Land Agency on Technical Cooperation for the Implementation of Land Policy.

5. Cooperation Agreement between the Culture Secretariat and the Colombian Ministry of Culture (INAH - ICANH).

6. Memorandum of Understanding on Cultural Cooperation between the Culture Secretariat and the Colombian Ministry of Culture.

7. Statement of Intent between the Mexican Communications and Transportation Secretariat, and the Colombian Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications to Reduce the Theft of Mobile Devices.

8. Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Matters between SEMARNAT and the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

9. Memorandum of Understanding for Strengthening the Regulatory Improvement Policy between the Mexican Economy Secretariat and the Colombian National Planning Department.