By: Enrique Peña Nieto

I am pleased to greet you and hope you had a happy holiday.

We’ve started 2016 with renewed enthusiasm and the best intentions.

In the government, we are determined to continue transforming Mexico.

We have eliminated the barriers and obstacles that made it impossible to unlock Mexico’s potential. We are paving the way for new horizons, so that each Mexican can write his own success story.

In the first three years of this administration, more formal employment has been generated than during the same period of any previous government.

Foreign investment has also reached record levels. We have become the main economic engine of Latin America.

In 2015, unemployment fell and inflation rates were the lowest they have ever been. This low inflation reflects the benefits of the structural reforms, which eliminated gas price hikes and domestic long distance call charges and reduced the price of electricity, telephony and the Internet.

These advances have allowed us to begin 2016 with a good spirit and constructive attitude.

The arrest of the world's most wanted criminal proves the degree of coordination of our institutions in achieving security and the rule of law.

Through this action, 98 of the 122 most dangerous criminals no longer pose no threat to society, and we plan to capture them all.

Of course, it must be said that: We still have challenges, but we are dealing with them with vision and determination.

Despite the complex international environment-with extreme volatility as regards exchange rates and finances-the Mexican economy is stable and growing. Thanks to the reforms, our nation is better prepared to address and take advantage of this situation.

Since January 1, for the first time in 24 years, the price of gasoline and diesel fell. Likewise, on January 1, the electricity tariffs paid by households, businesses and industries were further reduced.

In 2016, the price of LICONSA milk will be maintained and will drop in extremely marginalized zones. This year, we will improve the services provided by the IMSS and ISSSTE, reducing waiting times for emergency care, surgery scheduling and family medicine consultations.

INFONAVIT will grant over 500,000 loans for home purchases or improvement. Moreover, through the “Pink Room” program, we will build 400,000 rooms to expand dwellings of its members and low-income families.

This year, the new Hundred Per Cent Schools is already operating to improve and remodel the facilities of thousands of schools. And the National English Program will be launched during the next school year.

There will also be more scholarships and exchanges, so that at least 30,000 young people can study in the United States this year.

Likewise, those who wishing to start a business will have the support of Young Entrepreneurs Thriving and the Youth Credit program.

With actions such as these, in 2016 we will continue removing obstacles, so that Mexicans can go further and achieve their goals. We want them to discover and exploit the possibilities we are creating together.

I wish you a great 2016 full of health, happiness and success.

Thank you very much!