President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the “Eighth National Forum on Security and Justice, the Justice we Deserve: from implementation to consolidation.”

With a purposeful, constructive attitude, Civil Society enabled the Mexican State as a whole to undertake the most significant legal transformation of the past 100 years.

”It is a historic event in the justice of our country, over 100 years of following a model that is now changing with a purpose:  to ensure that Mexico has effective administration of justice”.

The structural transformations required by Mexico should be implemented with a state vision, going beyond political junctures, electoral calendars and periods of government.

The Penal System Reform is a paradigm shift in the Mexican justice system, because it substantially modifies principles, processes, functions and structures.

Its proper implementation offers great possibilities to expedite trials, solve more cases and ensure respect for the rights of the parties.

Above all, it provides the necessary tools for Mexicans to receive prompt, expeditious justice, which is essential to restoring public confidence in its institutions and authorities.

“Justice is essential for citizens to fully exercise their rights and freedoms, it is a necessary condition to create a true Society of Rights.

It took eight years for Mexican State institutions to be prepared for the entry into force of this new model of criminal justice.

"This grace period of eight years expires on June 18, which will mark not the end but rather the start of this new model, whose efficiency will be tested.”

First phase

Making the New Criminal Justice System the turning point for achieving close, reliable, prompt and effective justice, requires a change of behavior, mentality and culture. 

"Fortunately, we have already taken the first steps in this mission.”

- A major training scheme is already underway to equip the public servants responsible for operating the system with the necessary skills.

Training and development of public safety elements so that they have full knowledge of the system; a task in which the commitment of local governments is crucial.

- With support from civil society, a comprehensive National Outreach Campaign was designed, which was translated into several indigenous languages and distributed widely.

- A National Network of Spokespersons was created to announced the benefits of Penal Reform and the progress achieved to date.

The president instructed the Interior Secretary, together with the legislative and judicial branches, to define the best mechanisms for coordinating the work of the next stage.

”In this government, we are willing to make adjustments where required, and change whatever is necessary so that our security and law enforcement institutions are in line with this transformation.”