President Enrique Peña Nieto presented the National Youth Award 2016.

He said that the hallmark of the government he leads is the breaking of paradigms and models that existed, which were hindering and preventing progress and stopping the country from growing faster.

“It has broken those barriers in various areas that were not allowing us to create a new, much brighter, more promising horizon with more hope for new generations”: EPN

Educational reform Various reforms have been undertaken to ensure that the younger generations have greater opportunities for realization, which has enabled the government to create new work spaces for young people today who are part of this generation.

“Every time I touch the issue of reforms I say it with special pride, because it is no minor issue.

This administration has managed, with the participation of various political forces, break barriers through changes and structural reforms that undoubtedly in the coming years, and even now, are opening up new paths for them, a new space for the present and future generations, in different sectors and areas”: EPN

A reform that places special emphasis on the most important thing of all, the quality of education, is Education Reform. 

"Education is the most important tool, the most important resource Mexican youth can have to be successful throughout their lives”: EPN

Education Reform is the means of offering new generations the opportunity to have more tools, better knowledge and greater capabilities.

It is designed to ensure the quality of the education that will be received by present and future generations.

“A youth that dreams, is critical and is satisfied with what we have today and wants to contribute to change and improve the conditions we have today”. EPN