President Enrique Peña Nieto led the Keynote Session of the National System for Equality between Women and Men.

During the UN Summit on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in September 2015, the Mexican president pledged to raise coordination of the National System for Equality between Women and Men to a ministerial level.

“Today we are fulfilling this commitment. Because of its great importance, I am pleased to preside over this ministerial meeting. Equality between women and men is a right enshrined in our Constitution, and must be reflected in the country’s everyday life”: EPN

The current administration has made gender a transversal axis. 

Programs and actions

- This year, nearly 26 billion pesos will have been invested in various programs and actions specifically designed to achieve Equality between Men and Women; in other words, 37% more in real terms than in 2012.

- The 2014 Political Election Reform requires parity in candidacies for federal and local legislatures.

- The Mexican Regulation for Fair Employment and Non Discrimination promotes labor inclusion, equal pay and recruitment opportunities.

- There are 29 Centers of Justice for Women in 21 states, which provide comprehensive psychological, legal and medical care.

- The Fulltime Schools Program has been maintained to give women with more opportunities to combine work and family time.

- Women may choose how to use the first four weeks of maternity leave from the IMSS and their partners are now entitled to paternity leave.

- The National Strategy for the Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy has been launched.

- 182,000 Pink Rooms have been built to prevent overcrowding and protect girls. Another 127,000 will be completed this year.

- The Prospera program guarantees beneficiaries’ families an income, food and health.

- 6.2 million Mexican women now have the new Household Life Insurance scheme heads and 3.3 million receive a Senior Citizens’ Pension.