President Enrique Peña Nieto led the closing ceremony of the National Meeting of the Administration and Enforcement of Justice 2016.

At the event he thanked the country’s armed forces for the support they have given in the actions to ensure public safety.

“Thanks to our armed forces, we now have cities and regions in the country that have been restored to peace and tranquility.

“Although this is not the mission with which they have been tasked, with loyalty to the country, with a sense of duty and respect for the country’s institutions, they have been incorporated, supported and are determined to continue to do so as we achieve the objective of this unfinished business”: EPN

He called on all the orders of government and the powers of the Mexican state to pledge that by working together, it will be possible to update, modernize, professionalize and strengthen enforcement institutions and the preventive police in our country.

Actions and Challenges

  • Mexicans’ security and justice is now the most important challenge, which requires the greatest attention, coordination, capacity and professionalism of the Mexican State institutions at all levels.
  • Since the beginning of this administration, we have acted with firmness and determination; we are fighting crime with an integral approach, attacking the root causes.
  • We have reinforced the  coordination of efforts between the various orders of government.
  • We have encouraged and promoted the professionalization of institutions, particularly enforcement and prevention at the federal level.

“Today we have new laws, better laws, that are driving a new model of justice, but now the point is to make them valid and have them not become a dead letter, and instead a reality that is implemented in our society on a daily basis. EPN

Judicial Branch President Peña Nieto urged the judicial power, “To redouble its efforts so that judges and magistrates, secretaries and officers continue to receive the education and training they need to apply the new guidelines for this issue.

"We are quite clear that in matters of procurement and management, there is still unfinished business. We have not yet achieved the goal we set, not just now, but several decades ago, of having a country with conditions of greater peace and tranquility,” he explained.