As he acknowledged the trajectory of 30 public servants with 25 and 30 years’ service in the President’s Office, and presented incentives and rewards to another 32, Head of the President’s Office Francisco Guzmán Ortiz said that unity is a value that is lived and practiced in the President’s Office, which achieves results and hastens the country’s transformation.

"We work together to get results; we work together to hasten the transformation of the country; we work in unity for a single great purpose: ensuring a great future for all Mexicans”. FGO

Guzmán Ortiz  noted that, in the four years of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration, all the civil servants have done their duty, contributing their efforts to the great project of national transformation.

For his part, General Administrative Coordinator of the President’s Office Carlos Ramirez Velasco told the winners of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s call to be “factors of unity” in every government agency.

“In unity we can contribute better to the construction of the Mexico we all want: a fairer, more prosperous country with opportunities for everyone”: CRV

During the Ceremony of the Presentation of the National Prize for Length of Public Service and the Incentives and Rewards Program 2016, held at the National Museum of Anthropology, he said the challenges for the next two years will be enormous, which is why the president, “Urges  us to redouble our efforts.”

”It is time to apply ourselves thoroughly, working at the limit of our capabilities to consolidate the transformative effort, and multiply its benefits for all Mexicans”. EPN