The member countries of the North American Summit: Canada, United States and Mexico recognize that fully realizing the promise of an integrated transportation network in North America will require joint action that will create clean jobs, while reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gases and air pollution.


1. Accelerate the deployment of clean vehicles in government fleets;

2. Work collaboratively with industry to encourage the adoption of clean vehicles, by identifying initiatives that support consumer choice;

3. Encourage investments in public and private infrastructure to establish North American refueling corridors for clean vehicles.

4. Work to align applicable regulations, codes and standards, where appropriate

5. Foster research, development and demonstration activities for new clean technologies;

6. Convene industry leaders and other stakeholders by Spring 2017, as part of a shared vision for a competitive and clean automotive sector in North America.

7. Reduce GHG gas emissions from light- and heavy-duty vehicles by aligning fuel efficiency and/or GHG emission standards by 2025 and 2027 respectively. 

8. Reduce air pollutant emissions by aligning air pollutant emission standards for light- and heavy-duty vehicles and corresponding low sulfur fuel standards in 2018.

9. Encourage greener freight transportation throughout North America through the expansion of the SmartWay program to Mexico America.

 “We recognize the important contribution of our respective automotive industries and urge them to continue to play a leading role in the development and deployment of clean and connected vehicles, innovating towards a shared vision of a green transportation future”: NALS 2016.