President Enrique Peña Nieto issued a press statement on the US elections.

"We have close ties with American, the best example of which is the Mexican community living in the United States. They are families who contribute to the development of both countries on a daily basis.

As president of Mexico, I will put my body and soul into protecting the rights, welfare and interests of Mexicans, wherever they are”. EPN

Mexico-United States Relations:

This begins a new chapter in relations between Mexico and the United States.

"Mexicans will initiate this stage, with confidence and determination, but most importantly: in unity.

Mexicans on either side of the border will continue to work with the responsibility and commitment that have always characterized us”: EPN

The president specified that with creativity and effort, the capacity of entrepreneurs and the talent of Mexicans will open up new forms of cooperation and prosperity.

The government and the president elect of the United States have agreed to work for a relationship of trust and a shared future.

A new work agenda will be drawn up to incorporate issues of common interest, such as the security, cooperation and prosperity of both societies.

“Mexico and the United States are allies, partners and neighbors. When Mexico does well, America does well. And when the United States does well, Mexico does well”. EPN

Dialogue for creating agreements remains the best path for Mexico.

“During this new stage of bilateral relations, my government will seek opportunities that benefit both societies.

We will do it with a constructive spirit, from our strengths as a nation and based on mutual respect for our sovereignty”. EPN