The main purpose of Mexico’s transformation is women’s central concern: their children.

“So that their children can have a quality education and the tools required to become successfully incorporated into the development of 21st century Mexico”: EPN

Actions for the benefit of women:

  • The 2014 Political-Electoral Reform, which requires gender parity in the candidacies for federal and local legislatures. 
  • The Mexican Regulation for Equality at Work and Non-Discrimination is designed to encourage the private sector and the government itself to open up more spaces for participation in the work force for women and persons with disability.
  • Ninety programs in the National Strategy to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, which involves the participation of the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU), the National Institute for Women, the Secretariat of Public Education's educational programs and other programs undertaken by the Health Secretariat.
  • Due to the domestic violence experienced by many women in the country, spaces for attending women have been created such as the 29 Centers of Justice for Women, 22 of which have been built during the present administration, which provide legal, medical and psychological care for women in a situation of violence.
  • An increase in loans, in preferential conditions, for women entrepreneurs in the countryside and city.
  • New Women’s SMB Programs, with up to 5 million pesos in financing.
  • The implementation of the Women’s City model, incorporating the best international practices in integral care for this sector.

The government has pledged to devote resources to the construction of more Cities for Women such as the one inaugurated today, which provide services in various spheres such as education, health and care for women victims of violence.

“Mexico’s future depends on the possibility of more development and greater fulfillment for our women and youth: EPN