President Enrique Peña Nieto announced the incorporation of six thousand policewomen into the Female Heads of Household Life Insurance scheme.

Today is Mother’s Day in Mexico, and Mexicans recognize them as a source of inspiration; they are the ones who instill values and principles.

”To all the mothers of Mexico, I would like to express our gratitude, our thanks and our congratulations for everything you have done and are doing for the society to which we belong.

Thank you for your contribution, thank you for your love and thank you for everything you have done for this society of which you form part. Thank you for being mothers who look after and have trained those who are part of this society.”

A fairer, more supportive and equitable Mexico begins in every home. Just as the family is the foundation of society, mothers are the mainstay of Mexican households.

Working mothers

The government recognizes the enormous responsibility and commitment of working mothers, not only within their homes, but also outside them.

One example of working mothers are women police, the pride of México. They combine the noble task of mothering with the lofty responsibility of providing security for Mexicans

"Thank you, thank you on behalf of Mexican society, for your commitment, your vocation to which are dedicated and, above all, for being determined to defend and protect Mexican society.”  

In the Federal Police force, 55,000 officers are dedicated to the task of providing security, looking after the federal Centers for Prevention and Social Rehabilitation, and providing security to those who hire them. Of this universe, just over 15,000 are women, and 6,000 are policewomen and mothers, which implies a double task and a double mission.

Life Insurance for Women Heads of Household

The benefits of the Life Insurance Program for Female Heads of Household will be extended to mothers who work in the National Security Commission (CNS) and its Decentralized Bodies.

"More than six million women heads of households now have this benefit, which we will extend to policewomen who are heads of household”.

1. This life insurance, which is in addition to the one they already have, ensures that in the event of a mother’s death, her children will be able to continue their studies until they complete their university studies.

2. All women police and custody officers may request a special personal loan of $70,000 pesos to support their economy. 

3. FOVISSSTE will design a program that will enable all federal policewomen to obtain a mortgage without having to participate in the annual draw.

“I congratulate all the mothers of Mexico, because I think we’re all more aware and I am also, not only as president but in my capacity as son, husband and wife, where I have seen and appreciated the relevance and importance of the work of a mother in a home.