President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the Morelia Macrobypass on the Cuitzeo-Pátzcuaro highway in the state of Michoacán.

The government will not leave the Michoacán government alone in the complex situation it is currently facing.

The Mexican president hailed the firm decision by the state government to implement education reform in the state.

“The only thing those who are resisting education reform will ensure their societies is backwardness and delay. I think that this is not what states such as Michoacán, Chiapas and Oaxaca deserve. What they deserve is to advance and join the development experienced by the rest of the country”: EPN

Michoacan will receive more support as regards security, through both the Federal Police and the presence of the Armed Forces troops to support the state government’s efforts.

Direct intervention by the government has been promoted to cope with the complex challenge of insecurity plaguing the state of Michoacan.

Michoacán will also be supported to strengthen it financially.

“We are going to support you, to the greatest of our ability, despite the scenario that will be imposed on us next year, but I think we will find a way to support the financial strengthening of this state, in view of the challenge it is facing”. EPN

Cuitzeo-Patzcuaro Highway Benefits

  • The public work inaugurated today, with a length of 63 kilometers, “Not only connects Cuitzeo and Patzcuaro but is a macro bypass for Morelia”.
  • It will enable those passing through this area to avoid entering the city of Morelia on their journey through the region.
  • It will reduce traffic congestion in the capital of Michoacan and its conurbation.
  • It will allow traffic to flow much faster and more safely, and make us more productive.
  • Products traded, and all the industrial production generated in this area will also be able to be transported from one place to another much more quickly and efficiently.
  • More productive investment and more jobs will be generated.

“Both the state of Puebla, and Michoacán, where we delivered works, are states governed by a different party from that of the federal government.

This shows that the government makes no distinction. The government’s only goal, task and mission is to combine efforts and team up with all the authorities regardless of their ideological or party origin; the important thing is for us to serve society better,” he added.