President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the facilities of the Military Health Sciences Center, the Center for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer; and the Emergency, Oncology and Ophthalmology Departments.

“This is where two of the government’s most important efforts converge to make Mexico progress toward better conditions and shape this nation so that it will provide greater opportunities for society. The effort we are making to achieve higher quality education, and the effort to ensure a right enshrined in our Constitution, which is the health of the entire population.”

The government maintains a firm commitment to soldiers, sailors and airmen. It is working to improve their working conditions, including the quality of the health services and social security they receive.

The new installations provide training for military physicians and provide service to the military population and members.

The Mexican Armed Forces support the population at different times, in the efforts to achieve a Mexico at peace, security tasks and assisting the civil population in the event of disaster. Society always has the support of the armed forces, who are always willing to help those most in need at difficult times.

New facilities

·        The Military Health Sciences Center guarantees the quality of medical care received by the members of our armed forces. It has state of the art installations to train future doctors, dentists, nurses, and specialists and offers classes on health. 

·        The Center for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer will benefit over 390,000 military service persons and members.

·        At the Central Military Hospital, the areas of Emergencies, Oncology and Ophthalmology, which provide services of the highest quality and professionalism, were modernized. 

·        Together, these works involved an investment of over 1.87 billion pesos, for the benefit of over 1,100,000 persons, include active duty and retired members of the Mexican Army and Air Force and their dependents.

          The Mexican Armed Forces are the guarantees of peace, the defenders of our sovereignty and a permanent example of institutional loyalty."