President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the Mexican government will begin establishing relations once the newly elected US government has defined the members of its government.

“No-one has been designated to take on the task of representing the Mexican government to the Us government’s transition team”: EPN

A date has yet to be set for a meeting with US president elect Donald Trump.

The government will continue to work with the heads of the various agencies to fully assume its responsibility.

“We must make dialogue the means of finding a means of setting a new agenda for bilateral relations in conjunction with the US government, which will address sensitive issues for both governments, within a framework of absolute respect for our sovereignties, and a willingness to construct”: EPN


Regarding the  Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the president said that Mexico will continue to work on the free trade route.

“What is a reality today is the Free Trade Agreement Mexico has signed with 46 countries around the world, which we should intensify. We want to expand the level of trade we have with those 46 countries”: EPN