Mexico and the United States have enjoyed 193 years of diplomatic relations, which began in December 1822. The Mexico-United States bilateral agenda includes issues in the political, economic and commercial, social, environmental, energy, technical, border and security fields.

Bilateral relations with the US are extremely important to Mexico. They are mature, multifaceted, complex and comprehensive. The two countries share a border of over 3,000 kilometers which over one million people cross every day. 34.6 million people of Mexican origin live in the United States.

Mexico and the United States promote a vision of shared responsibility at the border, as well as a new cooperation agenda for modernizing border infrastructure and promoting the welfare of the binational community of the ten border states, whose combined economies together represent the fourth largest economy in the world.

The importance of bilateral trade and the distribution of the Mexican population has made the contact between state governments and local actors in US cities increasingly important.

Every day, one million people and 437,000 vehicles (includes light vehicles, passenger buses and haulage trucks) pass in an orderly go through the 58 border crossings between our countries in an orderly, legal manner.

Economic relations

In 2015, bilateral trade between Mexico and the United States exceeded $532 billion USD.

Trade between Mexico and the United States in 2015 was greater than the sum of US trade with Japan, Germany and South Korea ($483 billion USD) in the same year.

In 2015, Mexico purchased 1.2 times the combined value of US exports to France, Germany, Japan and the UK ($198 billion USD).

The United States has become Mexico’s largest trading partner  (accounting for 64% of its total trade and 80% of its exports). 

Mexico is the United States’ third largest trading partner (14% of total trade), after China (16%) and Canada (15.4%)

Mexico’s exports amounted to $296 billion USD, while imports totaled $235 billion USD , with a positive trade balance of $60 billion USD.

US exports to Mexico are higher than its combined exports to China and Japan. Mexico is the first, second or third market of 30 of the 50 US states.

Six million US jobs depend on trade with Mexico.

United States Fact Sheet

Total area: 9,826,675 sq. km

Population: 322.6 million.

Capital: Washington DC.

2014 GDP: 17.4189 billion dollars.

GDP Growth Forecast 2016: 2.6%.