During the state visit to Saudi Arabia by President, Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico highlighted its economic strengths at the Mexico-Saudi Arabia: Business Forum

1. Mexico is a production platform with global reach, with an excellent geographical location; biological mega-diversity; and a growing logistics infrastructure.

-5th largest territory in America and 14th largest worldwide (Saudi Arabia is the 13th).

- It is a bridge between North America and Latin America; and between the Atlantic and Asia-Pacific.

- Its port, road and railway network are expanding.

2. Mexico has a stable, reliable economy and institutions.

- Sound public finances (debt = 46.9% vs. 87.6% in the G20).

- Autonomous monetary policy (inflation at record low).

- Flexible exchange rate and robust banking system.

3. Mexico has talent and human capital; it has a broad, increasingly well trained youth population; with the creativity and energy to succeed.

- 11th world population (120 million, 50% are 27 years or less).

- Every year, more than 100,000 engineers and technologists graduate.

- Education Reform and growing investment in science and technology.

4. Mexico is a nation on the rise: it is an open, competitive economy.

- 15th largest global economy; in the past five years, it grew 3.3% annually.

- 11 FTAs with 46 countries: access to more than 1.15 billion people. TPP negotiating country.

- Leading exporter of flat screens and fridges with freezers. And 7th largest producer and 4th largest exporter of vehicles.

Dynamic aerospace industry: Increasing by 15.3% a year (av. 2006-2014).

5. Mexico offers vast opportunities for investment. In the first 33 months of the current government, Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico achieved record levels of $91,896 million USD. This amount is 21% higher than during the same period in the previous administration and 38% higher than in the one before that.

6. Tourism, infrastructure and real estate development are areas with enormous investment opportunities. In 2015, more than 5000 Saudi visitors enjoyed Mexico’s beaches and hospitality.

7. In trade, there are also opportunities to enable Saudis to enjoy more Mexican products: coffee, fruit, vegetables and other quality; in addition to high value-added manufacturing.