President Enrique Peña Nieto will pay a working visit to Peru on July 27 and 28 to attend the inauguration of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski as president of that country.

Economic relations

Relations between Mexico and Peru have been characterized by their strength and dynamism. Since the establishment of the Pacific Alliance, a mechanism of which both countries are members, the relationship has deepened through the intensification of political dialogue and the strengthening of bilateral cooperation in nearly all fields.

In July 2014, the two countries signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement, which came into force in July 2015.

In November 2012, Mexico canceled the visa requirement for Peruvians within the Pacific Alliance. This has allowed 126.327 Peruvians to visit Mexico in 2013; 136,361 in 2014 (an increase of 7.94%) and 159,705 in 2015 (an increase of 17.12%).

In January 2012, Peru eliminated the visa requirement for Mexicans, which allowed 60.270 Mexicans to visit Peru in 2013; 67.016 in 2014 (an increase of 11.19%) and 76, 368 in 2015 (an increase of 13.95%). 

In 2015, Peru was Mexico’s fifth largest trading in LAC (after Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Argentina). Bilateral trade stood at $ 2.3321 billion USD, 17.8% less than in 2014 ($2.8365 billion USD) with $1.6508 billion USD in exports, 4.6% less than in 2014 ($1.7302  billion USD) and imports of $681.3 million USD, 38.4% less than in 2014 ($1.1063  billion USD). 

The trade balance showed a surplus for Mexico of $969.5  million USD.

Bilateral trade with Peru accounts for 9.6% of total trade with South America; 6.7% of total trade with LAC; and 0.3% of total trade with the world.

The main products that Mexico imports from Peru are natural gas; coffee, tea and spices, tomato, coffee industry machinery and grapes (vine); while Mexico exports televisions; automobiles and auto parts; tractors and semi-trailers; shampoo and diesel trucks to Peru.

Mexico invests over $14 billion USD in Peru, the second destination of such investments in Latin America, just behind Brazil. Leading Mexican companies have a significant presence in Peru such as Grupo México, America Móvil, ICA, Arca Continental, Grupo Salinas, Bimbo, Mabe, Femsa and Cinépolis. 

Peru is the 48th largest investor in Mexico worldwide and the 18th largest in LAC. Peru’s accumulated FDI in Mexico was 55.9 billion dollars between 1999 and March 2016, while Mexico’s Accumulated FDI in Peru amounted to $14.542 billion USD, between 1999-2015. 

Fact Sheet


Capital Lima

Population: 31,151,643.

Languages: Spanish (80.3%), Quechua (16.2%), others (3.0%)

Area: 1,285.215 sq. km

System of government: Democratic Republic

Religion: Catholics (89.03), Evangelicals (6.73%), other (2.56%), none (1.65%)