President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the Mexico Food Show 2016, declaring that Mexico is already the world’s  twelfth largest food producer.

The government, through support to modernization, mechanization and more credit for farming, is working to ensure that Mexico becomes the world’s eleventh largest food producer before the end of this administration.

Achievements in the agricultural sector

  • In 2015, for the first time in the past 20 years, Mexico had a surplus balance in the sector, he said.
  • This year it is estimated that the value of Mexico’s agricultural exports will be $30 billion USD.
  • Mexico is the world’s largest avocado producer. The world annually produces  two million tons of so-called “green gold," 1.4 million of which  are produced in Mexico. 

“Seven out of every ten avocados consumed worldwide are produced in Mexico,” he explained. EPN

  • Mexico also exports 400 liters of tequila per minute.
  • It is the world's leading beer exporter.
  • It ranks fifth in world egg production, with 120 million eggs a day.
  • New markets have been opened up for domestic products, such as the countries in the Arabian Peninsula and China.

Mexico Food Show 2016. This expo will be held from December 8 to 10 and is designed so that much of what is produced in Mexico can be displayed on the stands in three days.

This is the first exhibition of this size dedicated to showing what happens in Mexico. Sales of over 20 billion pesos are expected to be achieved.

"Our country will earn more foreign currency from the sale of agrifood products than it does from oil, tourism, and the remittances sent by their relatives abroad, which total a significant amount”. EPN