President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the expansion and renovation of Terminal 3 at Cancún International Airport. During the event, he highlighted the dynamism and development of the tourism industry in Mexico in the past three years.

”Tourism is not only one of the largest sources of investment, employment and foreign exchange, but also a sustainable activity that provides welfare and opportunities for the country’s various communities and regions.” 

In 2012, the number of tourists arriving in the country was in the order of 23 million. In 2014, Mexico returned to the list of the world’s ten most visited countries. And in 2015, it broke records, attracting approximately 30 million tourists. 

The increase in the number of tourists is linked to connectivity, as Mexico has been increasingly connecting with other countries in the world to encourage tourists from these countries to visit it.

Connectivity is key. Three years ago, the country's airports moved 55 million passengers. Today, there are 73 million passengers using the various airports across the country, 18 million more than just three years ago.


- 32.1 million international tourists visited Mexico (9.5% more than in 2014 and 37% more than in 2012).

- Foreign currency earnings from tourism reached an unprecedented figure: $17.457 billion USD (7.7% more than in 2014 and 37% more than in 2012).

In 2015, the main destinations in Quintana Roo received 8.2 million international tourists.

- Of the 15.2 million international tourists who came to Mexico by plane, Cancún airport received 43% (6.5 million).

 - From 2012 to 2015, this destination registered a 41% increase in the arrival of domestic and international tourists.

 - In 2015, for the third consecutive year, Cancun broke all its records regarding the influx of tourists, hotel occupancy, economic impact and arrival of passengers by air.

 “As regards earnings, the inflow of foreign exchange ultimately reaches the economies of Mexican families, because the profits generated by tourism reach the providers of tourist services, those who work in these areas of tourism.”