“Since 2012, in democracy and with the instruments of democracy, we have  transformed Mexico, improved laws and built institutions according to the needs of the 21st Century”: EPN

 President Enrique Peña Nieto led the ceremony commemorating the 201st anniversary of the death of General José María Morelos y Pavón.

In just four years, Mexico has succeeded in implementing major structural changes in an environment of social peace and without destroying its institutions.

The president highlighted the government’s actions:

These are concrete examples of policies, programs and actions in favor of Mexicans’ freedom, inclusion and equality.

  • An unacceptable bias against women’s political participation has been eliminated.
  • Today there is full gender equality to run for elected positions in the federal and state congresses.
  • Equal opportunities are sought, through education, to ensure that children and young people have better teachers, schools and curricula.

"The defense of decent work, for which fought Morelos, is reflected in the creation of formal jobs with higher figures than those in any administration, and we are also giving a new dimension to social programs to reduce inequality and poverty”. EPN

Programs such as PROSPERA, Life Insurance for Female Heads of Family and the Pension Program for Senior Citizens together provide a great basic floor of welfare for millions of Mexican families.

The Special Economic Zones model makes it possible to reduce ancestral backlogs.

"Today, Mexico has a democratic president's office. A president’s office that works for everyone, respects everyone’s freedoms and seeks everyone’s right to a healthy and productive, full and happy life. That is the best tribute we can pay those who gave us our nation”.