On behalf of Mexico, President Enrique Peña Nieto today expressed his greater solidarity with the people of the United States and relatives of the victims of the unfortunate events that occurred yesterday in the city of Orlando, Florida.

"This event is marked by the violence unleashed that may have originated in expressions of hatred, discrimination and phobia towards certain people, which eventually created violence.

This is the tragic and regrettable result that the whole world condemns, which our country broadly condemns, because this is not what we want to see in a society, precisely when we have advanced so much in global society and our country,” he said.

In this tragic event, which occurred in Orlando, three people of Mexican origin were killed and one more is wounded but in stable condition.

The Foreign Secretariat will be providing information and all possible help and assistance to the relatives of those killed or injured.

He repeated that, “What this unfortunate event must teach us to condemn expressions that only divide, generating confrontation and leading to violence, like this tragic event in Orlando.”