Mexican Navy Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the exemplary work of our marines in the preservation of homeland security and their unreserved commitment to the civilian population in the event of disasters. 

Thanks to the security provided by those who sail through national waters, nowadays, the sea is a reliable route between coastal towns as well as between Mexico and the world.

Today we proudly remember the heroic deeds of an exceptional native of Campeche,  Commander Pedro Sainz de Baranda, as well as members of his naval squadron. These brave fighters expelled the last Spanish troops, who refused to recognize Mexico’s independence.

On November 23, 1825, our Navy covered itself in glory when it achieved the surrender and evacuation of foreign soldiers who had taken refuge in the Castle of San de Ulúa, in Veracruz. For this reason, this landmark date was inscribed in the country's history as the day Mexico consolidated its national independence forever.

The Mexico Navy is protecting our institutions. It is a guarantee of our freedom and democracy, and supports our sovereignty and independence.