President Enrique Peña Nieto received President of the Swiss Confederation, Johann Schneider-Ammann, currently on a state visit, at the National Palace today.

The leaders discussed the structural reform agenda Mexico has promoted in the past four years and the changes in different areas, particularly the energy sector.

“Today we are promoting PEMEX’s development as a state enterprise, a company that must compete with other oil producers that also exploit hydrocarbons”. EPN

A window of opportunity has also been opened up for countries that wish to participate in the partnerships PEMEX is determined to form in order to grow and expand its production platform.

“In order to produce more oil, develop new fields to exploit, and especially to venture into deepwater oil production for the first time”: EPN

Within the framework of President Schneider-Ammann’s state visit, the two countries signed five cooperation agreements in various fields: education and culture, technical and vocational training, industry, medicine, and regular air services.

The presidents of Mexico and Switzerland also signed a Joint Declaration reflecting the achievements and aspirations of the bilateral relationships in various spheres.

  • Trade between the two countries stands at $3.5 billion USD.
  • Swiss direct investments in Mexico amount to nine billion Swiss francs.
  • Over 800 Swiss companies have investments in our country, as a result of which the Mexico-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been opened up.

Switzerland and Mexico have a shared vision:

“To remain as two countries whose economies are open to the world, so that in this global world with fewer borders, we can take advantage of the great advantages given to us by this world stage and continue promoting free trade, boosting the competitiveness of our countries and the productive capacities of our nations to achieve two important purposes: more job creation and the intensification of our trade,” he added.