President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the “Mexicable Ecatepec” Public Cable Car Transportation System. The first of its kind in Mexico and Latin America, it is a project designed for the specific conditions of La Cañada.

This part of the State of Mexico has grown very quickly in previous decades; until recently, it was a gray area that could be seen in the distance.

“Through this combined effort we have made and which we, the government of Mexico and the government of the State of Mexico have clearly defined, we seek to change the urban face of the La Cañada region”. EPN

This public work provides transportation for thousands of users to their jobs or homes and offers more competitive conditions.

Mexico ranks 51st in competitiveness among the 140 countries measured by the World Economic Forum; it formerly ranked 57th.

“We are the second country to have taken so many steps and moved up so quickly: six places in such a short time. This is due to the legal framework, the economic and social reforms and institutional reinforcement we have fostered, and the many works underway”: EPN

Three mass transportation systems in addition to the Mexicable Ecatepec are currently under construction:

  • Connectivity between the Valley of Toluca and Valley of Mexico Metropolitan Areas, through the Fast Train that will run between these two metropolises. 
  • The Guadalajara City Metro.
  • Line 4 of the Monterrey Metro.

Mass transit system

The “Mexicable Ecatepec” Cable Car is a mass transit system that will reduce traveling time from 30 or 40 to 17 minutes as well as lowering costs.

The project is part of the framework of urban infrastructure, mass transit and road and highway infrastructure the government has been promoting.

It also involves a change in the area’s urban face, because the facades of many houses have been painted. To date, 180,000 houses have been painted in this region, mainly in Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla.

“It will stop being this gray area, this secluded area, this area that hardly anyone wanted to visit, not only because of the people who live here, but because of those who want to see the art in the area. This cable car will be innovative, it will be a new system, which will attract attention”. EPN