President Enrique Peña Nieto led the Swearing-In Ceremony of the National Board of the Mexican Employers’ Confederation (COPARMEX).

Since 1929, COPARMEX has worked on behalf of the national economy, boosting investment and employment and seeking stability and harmony in relations between employers and workers, through constructive work, to make businesses the engines of growth and value creation.

“So far during this administration, COPARMEX and the government have worked closely together to achieve structural changes that positively impact our economy and levels of development.”

The president acknowledged the leadership and results achieved by Juan Pablo Castañón during his tenure as head of this national organization. He also wished every success to Gustavo de Hoyos Walther, the new president of COPARMEX.

Joint Work

Businessmen and the authorities have broad areas of agreement and large spaces to work together for the country’s welfare, three of which are listed below. , ther:

1. Increase the productivity of the economy. In other words, generate more value from available resources. Productivity is a key variable for promoting growth, but above all for raising incomes and real wages.

Low productivity is a barrier that has slowed the development of firms and even the quality of life for Mexican families. The government has changed this situation through reforms, new public policies and infrastructure development. Nowadays, companies have new tools to increase productivity and create higher revenues.

On the one hand, they have greater access to essential inputs such as financing, electricity and telecommunications services at lower prices. They also have new schemes that promote labor productivity, ranging from the National Productivity Committee to new employment options, such as telecommuting and hiring by the hour.

2. For government and businessmen together to promote transformation, modernization and social responsibility within each of their companies. 

Through a new business culture, every business, factory and shop can become a source of well-being for dozens of families. Every company can be a space of inclusion, opportunity, growth and personal fulfillment for its employees and collaborators.

3. Working in favor of the rule of law to combat corruption and achieve a fairer, more equitable and reliable country where the law is enforced and companies can grow in an environment of legal certainty. Because corruption is not exclusive to the public domain, it also takes place in the private sector and most of the time, they go hand in hand.

"I am pleased that the main political forces present in Congress have already submitted their secondary legislation bills to operationalize the National Anticorruption System. I hope that as a result of these initiatives, cutting edge legislation will be implemented to combat corruption.”

The Law on Financial Discipline for Federal States and Municipalities was passed today. This legislation that will promote responsibility in the management of local governments’ public finances.

This Act is part of the 13 structural reforms that this administration has promoted.

“I would like to thank the deputies and senators for their work in the discussion and approval of this legal system, which sends a very clear signal that Mexico is committed to having sound public finances and a solid financial system.

Let us work together for a more productive, competitive Mexico; a country of laws; and companies willing to transform themselves and our nation."