Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto delivered infrastructure projects in the state of Tabasco: the La Pigua Distributor Road and the expansion of its boulevard.

• Benefits The works delivered benefits over 650,000 residents of Tabasco

• In addition to connecting the municipalities of Central and Centla, they will boost the region’s tourism and industrial, commercial and agricultural development. 

• A total of $1.026 billion pesos was invested.

• During their construction, 1,200 direct jobs were created.

• A budget of nearly 6 million pesos, will permit the completion of the Villahermosa Bypass and the modernization of the Villahermosa-Escárcega Road on the Macuspana stretch to the border with the state of Campeche.

• The two works are particularly important because they improve traffic in Villahermosa while streamlining connectivity between the Mexican south-east and the rest of the country.

New Road Infrastructure

This administration has given an unprecedented boost to the construction of communications and transport, water, energy and tourism works.

In the communications sector, $294 billion pesos have been invested in three years to undertake 279 infrastructure projects in every state in the country.

32 distributor roads have been built, with another nine scheduled for completion this year. The goal for 2018 is to have 50 more distributors more than at the beginning of the administration.