Since its inception 54 years ago, the Mexican Business Council (CMN) has been a great ally of development and economic growth in Mexico. Every year, it confirms its confidence in the country's economy, as reflected in its growing investment plans.

The Mexican Business Council (CMN) today informed President Enrique Peña Nieto that this year, its 50 member companies will invest $33.5 billion USD in the country, bringing their investments in Mexico to over $120 billion USD during the first four years of this administration

"These figures, similar to the amount of Direct Foreign Investment, confirm the importance of domestic investment for our development.” 

Today’s investment announcement is important for 3 reasons:

First, because it is an indicator that reflects how entrepreneurs perceive the current state of our economy. There is confidence in Mexico, due to its macroeconomic stability, its ability to create jobs and the growth of its economy, based on the dynamism of the domestic market.

The conditions for investing and doing business in the country continue to improve. In the past year, this has been borne out by the competitiveness reports of the World Economic Forum and the World Bank.

SECOND, “Investment is also an indicator of the expectations regarding our country’s economy. To decide where to invest, an entrepreneur analyzes the options and selects one that promises the greatest future growth and profitability.

The Mexican Business Council’s investment is a vote of confidence in our country’s future.”

THIRD: this investment will translate into more formal employment and sources of income for more Mexican families. This year’s goal is to create a workforce of over 1,700,000.

Conditions in Mexico’s labor force are improving. There is more employment, a gradual recovery of contractual wages and a higher rate of formal employment.

The president thanked the entrepreneurs in the Mexican Business Council for valuing the structural reforms Mexico has promoted, which certainly distinguish it from the rest of the world.

That's why I’m here today. First, to hear about these investment plans and to thank each of you for your commitment, your confidence in Mexico and your unwavering commitment to continuing to contribute to the development of our country.