International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 in many countries. Today in Mexico, 43 out of every 100 women participate in the labor market. President Enrique Peña Nieto has stressed his interest in granting women greater participation and offering more and better benefits in various programs.

10 Actions on behalf of Mexican women:

1. In October 2015, the Mexican Law for Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination was passed, promoting the harmonization of work and family life.

2. A total of 57.1 million people not included in the social security system were successfully affiliated to the Social Health Protection System: 54.3% are women, 73.5% of whom are householders.

3. In 2015, operations began in 9,595 childcare facilities in 1258 municipalities, 539 of which correspond to the National Crusade against Hunger.

4. More than 95% of the beneficiaries of the PROSPERA Program are women.

5. Bansefi launched the Support Program to initially attend 1,089,000 female heads of household.

6. In 2015, PRONAFIM and FOMMUR trained 42,789 women in business skills.

7. PRONAFIN provided microfinancing for 390,986 women while FOMMUR provided 447.556 microloans for rural women.

8. PROMETE (Program to Support the Productivity of Women Entrepreneurs)  financed 3,808 projects.

9. Support Grants were provided for the Basic Education of Young Mothers and Pregnant Women. 16,780 literacy and basic education scholarships were awarded.

10. The Small and Medium Business Women Program will grant funding of between 50,000 and 5 million pesos, with no opening fee or prepayment, to consolidate, strengthen and develop micro, small and medium enterprises led by women. The program removes the barriers to access to financing, such as the guarantor, co-obligor and mortgage guarantees; with preferential interest rates of 9% to 10%.

The growing international women’s movement has helped its commemoration to provide the opportunity to increase support for the rights and participation of women in political and economic spheres.