President Enrique Peña Nieto today led the commemoration of International Nurses Day on the esplanade of the  20 de Noviembre National Medical Center of the Institute for Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE).

”I would particularly like to thank all the nurses here today, and throughout Mexico, the over 300,000 nurses who dedicate their effort and daily commitment  to ensuring the health of Mexicans.

Congratulations to you all for being part of this community involved in Mexico’s health.”

”All the Mexican State institutions have clearly defined the various actions they must perform, which they are implementing to ensure that there is quality and warmth in the service they provide to each and every Mexican,” he said.

Lines of Action:

  • The IMSS has undertaken a task called Being IMSS; in the ISSSTE, for a good bedside manner
  • The professionalization of nursing work, undertaken by over 300,000 nurses. In three years, more than eight thousand workers have enrolled in this program, which has enabled them to improve their level professionalization and increase their income, through changes in the re-tabulation and better pay.
  • Efforts have been made to increase the number of grant holders, “So that those studying at institutions of higher education to prepare and train as nurses can work and receive a scholarship, so that while they study they can do internships and receive an income.”

”Today, this effort has been expanded to include 5,000 more scholarships, meaning that there are now 34,000 students in this profession with grants, which gives them the certainty that while they are training, they are also receiving an income,” he said.

  • In the effort to achieve universal health in the country, the government is working to optimize spaces, a task which is being undertaken by the Ministry of Health, and has already been materialized by some governments. This will continue to expand to other state governments and will optimize the infrastructure in the health sector.”
  • Health infrastructure has also been expanded. More clinics are being built, together with more hospitals at various institutions, so that this expansion ensures full coverage as regards the protection of Mexicans’ health.
  • In order to reduce waiting times for those who come to a clinic, or request the service at a hospital, “Mechanisms have been designed at the various institutions, which I have also instructed to undertake a broad ranging publicity campaign on how to shorten waiting times.”

“Nowadays, surgeries are performed at weekends, thereby helping to reduce the surgery deficit that existed, and I am sure that we will manage to ensure that all scheduled surgeries are performed, by expanding the schedule to include the weekend,” he said.

In the event, the president presented General Health Council awards to Nurse María Isabel Romero Ochoa for her contribution to research and teaching work, and to Roselia Sernas Romero, for her contributions to improving the quality of health services at hospital units.

He also lit the Lamp of Knowledge, a symbol of professional nursing, which signifies the renewal of the commitment of these professionals by updating and sharing their knowledge.

”We are transforming Mexico to move it, to move it forward and positively. And with the participation and enthusiastic commitment of Mexico’s nurses, we are striving to achieve an important goal, which is to ensure the health of all Mexicans.”