President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the International Forum: Equity for the victims due process, in Mexico City, promoted by President of the Stop Kidnapping Association Isabel Miranda de Wallace.

He acknowledged that, in response to victims’ demands, the Mexican State has created legislation which places victims at the center.

At the beginning of this Administration, the General Law of Victims was enacted, which provides broad recognition of the rights of direct, indirect or potential victims.

National System for Victims

This system operates through several axes.

  • The Federal Legal Counsel, to assist and advise the victim from the first time he or she has contact with the authorities.
  • The Creation of the National Registry of Victims, to ensure they have timely, effective access to assistance.
  • An Aid, Assistance and Repair Fund to compensate victims and those who have suffered violations of their human rights.
  • Integral support: psychological, medical and legal.

Additional Improvements to the Victims’ Law

  1. Simplify procedures to expedite the care and support of victims.
  2. Increase the Aid Fund, to support more people.
  3. Allow the Executive Committee to process common law cases
  4. Make state aid funds mandatory, with a minimum amount.

New Criminal Justice System

A necessary step to achieving this is to ensure fairness in due process, so that victims are not at a disadvantage in relation to the accused.

This new model of justice must operate properly so that there are no innocent people in jail or criminals at large.

Law enforcement and justice administration agencies will have the responsibility of being much more professional, being able to undertake duly substantiated investigations, based on scientific evidence where appropriate, which forensic investigations should provide to prove the guilt of any defendant or any person allegedly responsible for committing a crime.

“In response to victims’ demands, the Mexican State has created legislation which places victims at the center”.

“The Mexican State’s need to ensure that the accused is really guilty of committing a crime is largely the task of the procurement areas”.