President Enrique Peña Nieto led the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

He  urged Mexican women to denounce any violence they may be experiencing; and men who act violently to refrain from doing so.

He also urged those who witness violence against women to denounce it, in order not to be complicit in this behavior.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography estimates that 6 out of 10 women have experienced some form of violence: psychological, physical or economic, among other modalities.

The government is working hard to create a better nation, through a broad culture of respect for women’s rights.

Before 2015, no state in the country had been declared a Gender Alert:

What we've done, and where the Interior Secretary is involved, is to take action in coordination with the authorities in each state where there are allegations in order to investigate cases”: EPN

The Gender Alert is designed to achieve coordinated, effective work to combat violence against women.

Three main tasks The President said that the elimination of violence against women calls for three central tasks, on which the government is working:

FIRST: "Eliminating male chauvinism in all its expressions. Public entities are working to eliminate it”.

SECOND: “We are supporting women through various actions by Federal Government agencies, to ensure their economic empowerment and enable them to be independent. We are working to eliminate their fear of leaving that space of violence because they do not feel safe or able to lead a productive life.”

THIRD:"Eradicate violence; healthy coexistence among people, especially in the home, demands that we permanently promote respect between men and women”.

Actions to eradicate violence against women

  • The Public Education Secretariat has a National Program for Coexistence at School.
  • Action has been taken to avoid overcrowding in families. Today, all housing supported by the Federal Government, which is part of the Housing Policy, must have at least two rooms and thereby avoid overcrowding, which sometimes causes violence in the family.
  • The National Women’s Institute, with the support of the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples, has taken action to combat violence and deal with cases of women who have unfortunately been imprisoned due to errors in their trials.
  • Many women who were in prison have been released, by helping them fight unfair sentences.
  • The government has promoted Justice Centers and Cities for Women.
  • The Centers to Provide Integral Support for Women provide counseling and legal advice, to undertake any productive activity, and offer assistance to keep safe, among other actions.
  • There are currently 31 Justice Centers for Women, 23 of which have been built during this Administration.
  • 44 Mexican Consulates in the United States have PSCs to serve migrant women.

"This government is firmly committed to continue working on it. But this effort will not be concluded and will not achieve its goals unless we all generate synergy from our sphere of action, whether public or private, where we are, to really create a new culture in our country of respect for women’s rights”. EPN