On Tuesday, President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the Second floor Interconnection to the Tlalpan Toll Booth.

This work will shave 45 minutes off the journey from the exit to Cuernavaca to the Queretaro exit.

The government, “Is investing a significant effort and funds to improve connectivity between the capital and the entire metropolitan area of Mexico City and the rest of the country”. EPN


The current administration has devoted significant efforts to the development of infrastructure throughout the country: 28 of the 52 highways promised have already been completed.

Some infrastructure works have already been completed, others are underway and still others are about to begin. The goal is to modernize the connectivity of Mexico City.
In the north:

  • The extension of the Mexico-Pachuca highway, already fully operational.
  • The Pyramids-Texcoco highway, which is about to begin its expansion and will be one of the major road links to the new Mexico City International Airport.
  • The Mexico-Queretaro highway is being modernized and resurfaced with reinforced concrete.
  • Work is slated to begin on the Circuito Interior-Indios Verdes-Santa Clara Viaduct, which “will also permit much faster connectivity in the north of Mexico City”.

In the south:

  • The Chalco-Cuautla highway is already fully completed and
  • The Second Floor Interconnection to the Tlalpan Tollbooth was inaugurated today.

In the east:

  • The expansion of the Mexico-Puebla highway has already been inaugurated.
  • The Peñón-Texcoco toll-free road is under construction.
  • Work is scheduled to begin on the Avenida 602 Viaduct, near the New Mexico City International Airport.

To the west:

  • Two large metropolitan areas: Mexico City and Toluca Valley are already linked by the La Marquesa-Toluca highway.
  • Also underway is the Atizapan-Atlacomulco highway, “A major logistics hub linking Mexico City to the west of the country, Guadalajara and Morelia, and the north.
  • Work on the Chamapa-La Venta Viaduct linking up with the Mexico-Toluca highway is slated to begin soon.

“We have been modernizing the road network throughout the country. And in the center of the country, particularly the capital city and its metropolitan area, we are making significant efforts to modernize, expand and build new highways, roads and avenues that will make the traffic flow much more comfortable, safer and faster”: EPN