President Enrique Peña Nieto led the inauguration of Phase II of the Southeast I Wind Power Station in Asunción Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca.

"Energy Reform is designed to ensure that our country can trigger the generation of more, better quality energy, which is clean, environmentally friendly and ultimately cheaper, which will have a positive effect on Mexican families’ economy.”

Phase II of the Southeast I Wind Power Station is part of the effort to modernize the CFE and generate electricity from renewable sources.  It promotes the economic and social development of the state of Oaxaca.  

It involved private investment by ENEL Green Power of $157 million USD. This expands the capacity of the National Electric System (approximately 100 additional MW, enough to supply Oaxaca City). Construction of this work, which created approximately 700 jobs,  is part of the modernization of Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

Energy Reform has reduced the electricity rates paid by Mexicans. During this administration, rates in the industrial sector have been reduced by 39.4%; in the commercial sector by up to 23.5%; and in the high consumption domestic sector by 8.7%.

March marked15 consecutive months of reductions in comparison with last year’s rates. Rates have been reduced by up to 23% in the industrial sector in comparison with March 2015; 13% in the commercial sector and 4% in the high-consumption domestic sector.

Promotion of clean energies

·        In three years, the CFE has reduced the amount of fuel oil burned to generate electricity by 48%.

·        Today, it uses 48% less than it used in 2012, the aim being to reach 90% by 2018.

·        The goal is to ensure that 35% of electricity is generated from clean sources by 2024; 40% by 2035 and 50% by 2050.

·        According to the latest data from CENACE, over 20% of electricity is already generated from renewable energy.

·        In the specific case of electricity generation from wind, during this administration, this has more than doubled, from 1,327 MW to 3,046 MW.

·        In the past 10 years, it has increased from 2 MW to 3,046 MW, in other words, it has increased by a factor of 1,500. The CFE is promoting infrastructure development for both the generation and the 

          transmission and distribution of electric power.

·        It is currently promoting 85 major infrastructure projects in 30 states in the country, representing investments of up to $26 billion dollars (of which 62 have already been tendered and 23 are about to be 


“I would like to thank the national and international companies with a global presence in various parts of the world for accompanying this process of transformation and modernization Mexico is undergoing.