President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated Nestlé’s child nutrition factory: Nantli.
Over the past four years, Mexico has received $120 billion dollars in Foreign Direct Investment, 40 percent more than the amount invested in Mexico during the same period in the previous administration.

“There are investments and job creation in Mexico, we have low inflation, there is greater dynamism in the domestic economy, and this ultimately impacts very positively on the quality of life and well-being of Mexican society”. EPN

Highlights of Nestlé’s Nantli investment

  • Over $245 million USD in investment (MDD).
  • Jobs: 250 direct and 1,250 indirect jobs. During the construction phase, another 8,000.
  • 85% of the energy used will be wind power, as in its other plants.
  • 40% of production will be exported to Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Nestle company has 17 plants in the country, which help create jobs, and enable it to grow with Mexico and offer products with a high nutritional content.

It is also one of the companies involved in the National Crusade against Hunger, supporting productive projects for vulnerable, low-income families.

Today there are more than 13 000 community kitchens in the country, where every day more than a million Mexicans have guaranteed food.

"We will continue working to materialize the efforts we have made so that more productive investment continues to reach Mexico, and ensure that very specific policies designed for various industries in our country will further enhance our ability to trigger more economic activity, development and job creation”: EPN