On his 50th birthday, President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the La Marquesa-Toluca Highway in the State of Mexico, accompanied by his wife, Angélica Rivera de Peña.

He stressed that these works are very important pillars that allow Mexican families to have better scenarios for development.

The La Marquesa-Toluca Highway, 12 km in length, included an investment of over 3.7 billion pesos and will benefit 10 million people.


  • 4 traffic lanes
  • 6 returns:
  • 3 emergency ramps.
  • 1 railway underpass.
  • 2 vehicle underpasses.
  • 1 tollbooth.


It improves the connectivity for transporting goods and people moving between Toluca and Mexico City.

It halves travel times at peak times for more than 20,000 vehicles that circulate daily from 30 to just 15 minutes.

It promotes Industrial activity in the center and west of the country, by connecting the western area of Mexico City with the Mexico-Nogales corridor.

Progress in Infrastructure

During the current administration, more than 31,000 km of highways, roads, rural roads and feeders have been built or modernized.

26 out of 52 highways (approximately 600 thousand km) have been completed.

57 of the 80 federal roads (about 2,000 km) have been completed.

Over 28,000 kilometers of rural and feed roads have been built and modernized.