Improving Mexicans’ living conditions, #4YearsofGovernment

We have gone beyond the welfare approach to adopt best practices.

Popular Insurance Coverage has been expanded; we reached high schools, technological colleges and universities to enable students to have medical insurance from the Mexican Institute of Social Security.


To address poverty, the Prospera program was promoted, which now supports 6.8 million families and includes college scholarships and support for productive projects.


At the start of this Administration, the National Crusade against Hunger and the National Inclusion Strategy were launched and Community Kitchens created.


Millions of beneficiaries of social programs, especially children, pregnant or nursing women, and obviously senior citizens, receive support that contributes to  providing them with a healthy, varied and sufficient diet.


Junior and senior high school students will be able to receive medical services at the Mexican Institute of Social Security. One of the goals is to incorporate 7 million students.


One of the objectives is for families to have access to housing with cement walls, floors and ceilings and sufficient space to avoid overcrowding. 


Today, nearly 1 in 3 households is headed by a woman and their children must be protected.