New York

President Enrique Peña Nieto delivered his speech at the 71st Session of the UN General Assembly at the High-level Plenary Meeting to Address Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants.

”Migrants symbolize the force that has advanced Humanity: movement. Large migrations have taken mankind to the four corners of the earth, in all periods of history. 

Over time, traditions and ideas, knowledge and technological advances; values and aspirations have accompanied migrations.

Cultures are revitalized and enriched when they coexist and talk to each other, a process in which migrants have played a key role.

History has shown that no barriers to stop the movement of people, or the fusion of cultures, and the dissemination of ideas. 

There are no natural or artificial cultures. For every river, there has always been a bridge; for every obstacle, a solution.

Movement is an essential part of human beings, because it is a reflection of their survival instincts, their vital energy and their ardent desire to progress and transcend.

Migrants’ contributions to different societies are undeniable, because each migrant is accompanied by his hopes and identity; energy and talent. 

Mexico is an example of this. We are a country of origin, transit, destination and return for people. 

We are a proudly mestizo, multicultural and diverse country; with a lively, vibrant culture, the result of multiple migrations throughout our history. 

Mexicans firmly believe that miscegenation is the future and destiny of humanity.

For these reasons, Mexico celebrates the convening of this first High Level Meeting to Address Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants at the UN.  

This historic meeting shows that attitudes are also moving.

We must place migrants, together with their rights, dignity and well-being, at the center of the global dialogue.

Mexico will continue to actively participate in multilateral forums, specifically the Global Pact for Orderly, Safe, Regular Migration and the Global Pact on Refugees in 2018. 

We believe that these steering documents should take the following principles into account:

First: a Human Rights approach, which establishes States’ obligations to migrants.

Second: a vision of shared responsibility between migrants’ countries of origin, transit, destination.

Third: a recognition of migrants’ contributions to Economic and Social Development.

Fourth: a Social Inclusion approach, which helps eradicate intolerance, prejudice and racism.

Fifth: a migration governance framework, offering alternatives for the safe, orderly management of migratory flows. 

Sixth: greater international cooperation to build states’ capacities through an integral approach to migration. And

Seventh: regard climate change and natural phenomena as causes of migration.

To advance these goals, my country has offered to host a Preparatory International Meeting in 2017.

Mexico will continue to work for the recognition of migrants as agents of change and development; the guarantee of their human rights and the elimination of hate speech and discrimination.

The international community can improve migrants’ situation of migrants; we have a commitment to them we must all assume; because migration represents not only the past and present of mankind, but also its future. 

Thank you.