President Enrique Peña Nieto led the closing ceremony of the 41st Session of the National Public Security Council.

He urged the governors and the Mayor of Mexico City to intensify all efforts to combat insecurity.

Three priorities

First:  Consolidate the social prevention of violence and crime.

This activity will involve nine Secretariats of State and is one of the axes distinguishing the security policy that has been implemented by this Administration.

In previous years, over nine billion pesos were allocated for this purpose. For the fiscal year of 2017, instructions were issued to make an extra effort to coordinate the actions within the transversal policies of the various departments.

He declared that, “There is no greater preventive measure or action than preserving the country’s economic stability, and that is the premise that was considered in the package presented to preserve our macroeconomic fundamentals that allow and will translate into economic stability for Mexican families”: EPN

Second:  Strengthen actions in the 50 municipalities that account for 42 percent of the country’s murders.

"We must focus specifically on the municipalities that are experiencing a rise in crime rates, especially those where the largest number of criminal homicides are committed in our country”. EPN

Third priority: “Consolidate the new Adversarial Criminal Justice System.

To this end, the government will provide its full support for the work agenda of the Coordinating Council for  the implementation of the Criminal Justice System.

“We must conclude the remaining work and finish training, and correct operational deficiencies to ensure the viability of this new model”.

"I am sure that the agreements reached in keeping with this approach will allow us to ensure that this model will be fully effective, and have a much more transparent, expeditious system of justice as demanded by our society,”: EPN

The president thanked members of the Army, Navy and Air Force who with courage, loyalty and patriotism, have performed the tasks entrusted to them, even at the risk of their lives.

He also expressed his gratitude for the dedication and professionalism of the members of the Federal Police, the Attorney General’s Office of and the CISEN.