President Enrique Peña Nieto led the Strengthening of the Food Network and Food Support event.

He stressed the importance of focusing on the good news stemming from the reforms, which positively impact the everyday lives of Mexican families.

“We often focus on the bad news, which seem to be frequent or more striking, and we forget and ignore the good news, which is very important and positively impacts the lives of Mexican families.

Let us evaluate it because this is what allows our country to keep growing and moving towards a better future ": EPN

The good news mentioned by the president includes the following:

- Over two million jobs have been created so far this administration. Never before had so many jobs been created in the same period of almost four years, in any other administration.

- A reduction in the rates of LP gas, consumed by nearly 90 million Mexicans. It is part of the implementation of the Energy Reform, which has led to competition, and today, as a result of allowing free imports of LPG, there is more competition and prices have fallen..

With this 10% reduction, a family buying a gas cylinder which used to cost in the order of 290 pesos, will be paying 261 pesos.

- The electricity tariff paid by the vast majority of Mexicans, almost 99 percent of Mexican households, has not increased. On the contrary, since Energy Reform came into force, real prices have fallen by nearly 10%.

- Today all the families benefiting from the PROSPERA program, comprising more than 6 million and impacting 25 million Mexicans, are linked to the Labor Secretariat, which has made it a priority to attend the children of these families, so that they can secure a job.

This is good news and let us appreciate this because this is what allows our country to keep growing and moving towards a better future”: EPN