President Enrique Peña Nieto, accompanied by his wife, Angelica Rivera de Peña, inaugurated the High School of the Gaby Brimmer Center for Rehabilitation and Educational Integration for young people with disabilities.

In Mexico, over 7.6 million people have disabilities,  equivalent to just over 6% of the population.

To provide care for this population, the National System for the Development and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities was set up to protect and ensure the full exercise of human rights of this broad sector of the population.

"We are working to build an inclusive Mexico, in other words, a country where everyone, without exception, can fully develop within a culture of rights.”


- The government is focusing on creating the conditions so that people with disabilities can fully integrate into society. 

- The Mexican state has made a major effort for people with disabilities.  Notably, it has done so through the SEP and the DIF National System. 

- In support of the functions of education and rehabilitation, and in coordination with the states, last year, the National DIF remodeled eight rehabilitation centers and equipped 250 Basic Rehabilitation Units in 17 states. 

-The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) has increased sixfold the number of Service Centers for Students with Disabilities (CAEDS), from 46 in 2012 to the current figure of 275. The goal is for there to be 500 CAEDS by 2018.

"This delivery allows us to show Mexicans the various efforts being made to promote inclusion, the inclusion of people with disabilities, who are entitled to enjoy the same rights as all Mexicans.
           That is the task to which we are committed. “We are working on this task.

The president declared that his administration has made, “A major effort to truly revolutionize the National Educational System.”