President Enrique Peña Nieto concluded his activities at the G-20 Leaders’ Summit, in the city of Hangzhou in China.

At this Summit, where decisions affecting the performance of the world economy and the stability of the financial system are evaluated, Mexico called for the strengthening of the commitment to the integration of the international economy.

At the Plenary Meeting, actions were presented to achieve a stronger international financial system that would be less susceptible to the crisis. Mexico therefore reaffirmed its total, firm support of maintaining strong, well-capitalized international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund.


The G20 leaders reached various agreements in order to address various issues that undoubtedly affect the performance of economies, the stability of the financial system, by ensuring that it can cope with the complex scenarios the world is now experiencing in financial terms due to the slowdown of the world’s economies.

The issues discussed including the search for mechanisms to mitigate the risks due to the complex, volatile environment the world is experiencing.

The Mexican president described the social policy the government is promoting, particularly the PROSPERA program and financial inclusion.

He discussed the fight against poverty and Special Economic Zones as a means of boosting development in the most backward regions.

He said that the implementation of structural reforms is the best way to shield against complex scenarios.

“And although some of these reforms do not generate profits in the immediate term, this is undoubtedly the best way of ensuring the development and prosperity of our societies”: EPN