At the Summit, President Enrique Peña Nieto declared that sustained global development can only be achieved if women have the same opportunities as men to care for their health, study, work, participate in decision-making and freely construct their own life project.

He also shared three substantial measures the government will implement to continue advancing greater equality:

  • Coordination of the work of the National System for Equality between Women and Men, the highest inter-institutional coordination mechanism in this area, will be raised to a ministerial level.
  • Greater joint responsibility between women and men will be promoted to improve the distribution of the workload at home.
  • We will intensify actions to prevent teen pregnancy and reduce maternal mortality.

President Peña Nieto stressed the following:

The 2030 Agenda unites us and calls for us to work for women’s full participation. The success of this lofty purpose depends on the seriousness, responsibility and effort of each nation.”