President Enrique Peña Nieto presented the PEMEX investment projects that the state enterprise will begin to implement.

The projects, involving $23 billion USD (388 billion pesos), will generate more than 63,000 jobs.

This investment is striking because of the origin of its capital, 85% of which is private, and its destination, since it will be earmarked for activities such as refinery and cogeneration.

This enormous investment is due to the paths opened by Energy Reform and will be used  to achieve:

·        Cleaner fuels (Ultra Low Sulfur Gasoline and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel)

·        Waste utilization in three of the country’s largest refineries: Tula, Salamanca and Salina Cruz.

·        Cogeneration: Electricity will be generated from the industrial processes carried out.

Pemex will become the second largest electricity producer in the country, ensuring a clean, sustainable future for all Mexicans. 

Enormous investment in Pemex