In the presence of the thousand most outstanding sixth graders from across the country, President Enrique Peña Nieto thanked teachers for their efforts to give the best of themselves for these generations, for Mexican children and youth.

Mexico has a large number of committed teachers who are part of the national education system who prepare and train children and young people to have the tools for their fulfillment tomorrow, so that in their efforts and everyday work, they will give their best for the country's development.
The government has promoted an Education Reform that focuses mainly on three aspects:
First: Training

"Ensuring that our teachers are better prepared, better equipped and better trained to give the children and youth of Mexico a better education. That is why a means of accompanying them during this training process has been designed”: EPN

The assessment test is designed to identify teachers’ strengths and weaknesses.

The model is designed to provide a large number of opportunities for teachers to train if they do not pass their first assessment. They have three chances to pass the exam, in addition to accompaniment during their training.

The model rewards teacher’s efforts. It rewards teacher who achieve good results, satisfactory grades and as a result of this personal achievement, are eligible for salary increases.

Second: Educational model

”This is not an imposed decision, or an imposed model (…) on the contrary, we are in the process of creating it.
 Today provides a great opportunity for teachers, so that pedagogical experts can contribute to the construction of the educational model”. EPN

An invitation has been issued to review the educational model, so that all those who wish to contribute something to the model can participate. 

Third: Decent, well-equipped schools

“We have the goal that by 2018, when this Administration concludes, we will be able to reach the goal of more than 33,000, a significant number: 33,000 schools that have been modernized and repaired, are well equipped with educational facilities and have good classrooms ": EPN

The aim of the Hundred Per Cent Schools Program is to ensure that schools are decent areas where education is provided.

”It is important that we stand firm and be clear about the reason why they are designed, and their scope, because I believe that at a time when you want to implement a change that breaks away from a previous model that no longer works, there is resistance, which is sometimes due to a lack of information”: EPN