President Enrique Peña Nieto delivered housing and title deeds in Mineral de la Reforma, Hidalgo and presented certificates of land regularization and Mining Fund resources, thereby following up on three components of the inclusion agenda:

 “The new National Housing Policy establishes constructions that will improve people’s quality of life, ensure they have a decent space, and one which is affordable, particularly for those with lower incomes. Subsidies will focus on people with lower incomes, and housing will be near their source of income.”


”Subsidies are guided by a single criterion: housing will be built much closer to the workplace; in places with basic transportation, entertainment and recreation services, and near educational facilities for the owners’ children.”

The president delivered the key to their new home to several families in the Paseos de Chavarría housing complex.

  • The houses in this development were funded through Infonavit with support from the National Housing Commission, CONAVI.
  • 90% of the loans granted by Infonavit are for people with incomes of less than five minimum wages and supplemented by a Conavi grant.
  • The houses being built during this administration are planned with a sense of community and environmental care.
  • Squares, parks, community centers and libraries are accessible places, and areas for social cohesion and neighborly coexistence.
  • Their design incorporates sustainable urban development: efficient energy systems, water conservation and integrated waste management.

During this administration, 1.1 million homes have been built for Infonavit and Fovissste members. Furthermore, these two institutions have delivered more than 2.3 million loans, to buy a new or used dwelling, or improve an existing one.

End of backlog in the National Agrarian Registry

"I am pleased to inform you that today, we have cleared this backlog and that these 153,000 files that were part of the backlog have been fully completed for the benefit of an equal number of families, which today have certainty about the property and land they own.”

  • A network of corruption and extortion to enable farm workers to exercise their rights has been dismantled.
  • The time taken to obtain a title deed from the National Agrarian Registry has now been reduced to a maximum of 60 days.

Delivery of Mining Fund Resources

“Through Tax Reform, we have created this Mining Fund, which now allows us to ensure that concessionaire firms can participate in a trust that has been created to support mining communities.”

  • In its first year of operation, the Fund received more than 2.6 billion pesos, to be shared among state and municipal governments.
  • Sedatu will be responsible for completing the necessary procedures and ensuring the delivery of the corresponding funds to the state and the mining municipalities of Hidalgo.

“In time, I will visit various communities where there benefit exists, to ensure that the funds to be transferred, these 2.6 billion pesos corresponding to 2014, have a benefit and impact for mining communities.”