Today marks the start of the second half of my administration as head of government. On this date, I would like to thank each and every Mexican.

Thank you for your support, thank you for your support of our institutions, thank you for your criticism, which makes us work harder and, above all, thank you for your everyday efforts for the benefit of Mexico.

I am also grateful to my co-workers, who serve the society to which we are indebted on a daily basis.

Over these past three years, we have faced adverse moments and demanding circumstances: from hurricanes and other natural phenomena, to a complex,  unstable international environment,  with low economic growth.

And, of course, the challenge of combating criminal organizations, inequalities and poverty.

With responsibility and unity, Mexicans have moved ahead. Faced with each of these situations, as president, I have had to make decisions, several of which have been difficult.

Some of them have been controversial, others perhaps insufficient, but  I have always-and I can say this with total conviction- sought the best for families across the country. All the decisions I make as president have the sole purpose of serving Mexico and Mexicans.

Over the next three years, we will continue to work to ensure that reforms translate into benefits; that projects become major infrastructure works and that government policies create improvements in the lives of Mexicans.

In short, we will continue moving forward, with courage and energy to build the new reality Mexico demands. We have a great deal in our favor: we are a country with an abundance of natural resources and an ancient culture. We have a strategic geographical position; a functioning democracy; and a stable, open and increasingly competitive economy.

And above all, we have a creative, talented, dedicated and hardworking population. As a country, we have a bright future. We must believe in it and act decisively.

It is a fact that the world economy will improve, and when that time comes, Mexico will be one of the nations with optimal conditions and the  greatest strengths to enable it to leverage this and advance more quickly.

Today there is less violence in the country; we have a stable economy with the lowest inflation in history, a more dynamic domestic market and the strongest growth in formal employment ever recorded.

Today Mexico is being transformed; Mexico is evolving and in the following years, Mexico will be an example of how adversity is faced and overcome.

 As president, I have had the opportunity to travel the country and witness Mexicans’ desire to better themselves and get ahead.

I’ve seen it in the smiles of our children and youth; on the faces of mothers and in the determined expression of workers.

They all know they can succeed; they want to do it and they are working to achieve this. Mexican society has both a strong desire and the ability to succeed.

We are a united, courageous, hardworking people who deserve a better future. And to achieve this, we must give the best of ourselves individually and collectively join forces.

I firmly believe Mexico is destined to be one of the most prosperous nations, with the greatest well-being for its people and a great reference for the world.

What we must define today is how much we are going to contribute to ensure that the Mexico of the future arrives as soon as possible. Let us believe in Mexico, let us believe in ourselves and in our ability to improve every day.

With this renewed spirit, energy and inspiration you have given me, I will begin the second half of my government today. We will continue transforming Mexico for you and with you.