President Enrique Peña Nieto led the Commemoration of the 195th  anniversary of the “Day of the Flag,” the ultimate symbol of Mexico.

On a day like today, in 1821, the "Plan of Iguala"  was proclaimed to finalize the independence of our country. Soon afterwards, Vicente Guerrero e Iturbide decided to form the  Army of the Three Guarantees, flying for the first time the colors that now give all Mexicans identity.

“Our flag is the symbol of national unity. The flag projects everything that makes us feel proudly Mexican.”

Today Mexico is one of the world's most respected nations; It is valued because of the splendor of its past and closely followed because of its promising future.

Strengths of the Nation

After a convulsive 19th century, a dictatorship and a revolution, there have been more than eight decades of political stability, in which power is transmitted in an orderly, peaceful manner. 

In the past two decades, the country’s macroeconomic bases have been strengthened with sound public finances, an independent monetary policy and a solid banking system.

Another valuable asset of present-day Mexico is its democracy. From the vote for women and the 77 Reform until the Political-Electoral Reform of 2014, Mexico has experienced an undeniable qualitative change in its democratic life. 

Citizens' votes count; power-switching is part of democratic normality; and citizen participation promotes transparency and accountability.

Mexico’s greatest asset and source of pride has been, is and always will be its people. Mexicans are a people committed to their country and their flag. This is exemplified by the men and women who make up the armed forces, loyal people always at the service of the nation, who have emerged from the people and are always prepared to serve the people.

"The government will continue to drive the changes that will strengthen the capabilities of the Mexican state. We need to continue to build a basic floor of well-being that will reduce inequality and strengthen national cohesion, unite us and give us identity, in the same way as our national flag unites us and gives us identity today.”